Friday, February 22, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new

Opposition or opportunity?

I suppose it's all a matter of perspective.

Every discouraging/stressful circumstance that you can imagine a person experiencing in their life at any given time, has seemingly happened to me in the last 4 months.
Family disappointment, a relational setback, life threatening family illness, job uncertainty, moving house....I've had them all in the last few months.

In the midst of this, I've felt a stirring deep within. There's more.  Hunger to be living at a higher place. Doing what I've always dreamed of doing. Influencing and affecting others for good. Yet, in the awkward in-between, I've felt the sting of the gap, the place where I am not quite at the more level. Yet.

I've been sensing for a while now that there's something really new and really big coming. I can't see it, but I sense it.
I had this picture of a tree with old leaves. A fierce wind came suddenly and blew off the old things. And the tree was left bare. Barren. Exposed. As I looked at this tree I heard a voice say "Out with the old, in with the new" and in that moment I knew that what seemed like barrenness was simply to make way and create space for the new to occupy.

I feel this is a picture of what is happening to me right now... seemingly challenging opposition is really opportunity in difficult situations to blow out the old in order to make room for the new to occupy and bud. Am I being punished?
Honestly, sometimes I wonder. But the truth is, I am being prepared for what's to come. I don't understand why all of these things are happening at once and stretching me to what seems beyond my capacity but I have to believe that I am being readied for the new big things that lie ahead.

Although it's difficult and I don't always 'feel' as though it's true, I am choosing to look at what could be construed as opposition, as opportunity.

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